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Best diets 2024

Keto Diet And Variations

The ketogenic diet or more known as Keto Diet is a high fat and very low carbohydrate diet. It shares many similarities as other diets like Atkins. When you eat fewer carbs, your body starts to burn ....


Eat whatever you want five days a week, and reducing drastically calories 2 days. The part-time diet that allows you to still eat chocolate cake and lose weight, has hit the headlines and is a big hit...

Intermittent Fasting

Many diets are about what you eat, but intermittent fasting is about when you eat. It is because with intermittent fasting you only eat during specific times. It has been studied around the 21st ...

Calorie Deficit

Generally, all weight reduction programs, when they count calories, they work on the reason of calorie limitation. There are many weight control plans out there, and they all work to a similar...

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